I'm 85 years old. I have out lived the small family that I came from. The few friends that I have left are in the same shape or worse than I am. I can no longer drive and occasionally fall. I reached out to Helping Hands for Seniors over 6 years ago. They are my life line.
-- K Caroplis , Encino

With a broken hip and my husband with Alzheimer's, we were prisoners in our own home. One call to Helping Hands for Seniors and we are able to live an almost normal life. Our caregivers live-in with us. They are our like favorite family members.
-- Bill and Dorothy-Tarzana

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Helping Hands for Seniors is a leading companion service that believes quality of life can be better for the elderly and their families. This can be achieved by using dependable, affordable, and most importantly, in-home care.

Quality of life for seniors often means staying in touch with people they have come to know and love -- neighbors, friends and family. Senior's tell us time and time again they are most happy and relaxed receiving health care services in the comfort of their own home.

Helping Hands for Seniors is your alternative to traditional nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Your loved ones stay at home, remaining independent, while we help to improve the quality of their daily life.
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